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This is a list of NiSE’s most notable recent publications.


Nickerson, T.A., Hathaway, B.J., Smith, T.M., Davidson, J.H. 2015. Economic assessment of solar and conventional biomass gasification technologies: Financial and policy implications under feedstock and product gas price uncertainty, Biomass and Bioenergy, Volume 74 (3): 47-57, DOI: 10.1016/j.biombioe.2015.01.002


Pelton, Rylie E.O., Timothy M. Smith. 2014. Hotspot Scenario Analysis: Comparative Streamlined LCA Approaches for Green Supply Chain and Procurement Decision-Making. Journal of Industrial Ecology (early view).

Smith, T.M., Schmitt, J. 2014. “Action Exchange – Going beyond low hanging fruits”. In the CDP Global Supply Chain Report 2014, Collaborative Action on Climate Risk, 23.


Fischlein, M., Smith, T. 2013. Revisiting renewable portfolio standard effectiveness: policy design and outcome specification matter, Policy Sciences, Volume 46, No. 3, pp 277-310).

Schmitt, J., Smith, T.M. 2013. “Supply Chain Energy Efficiency: Engaging Small & Medium Entities in Global Production Systems”. Report to the Environmental Defense Fund,

Smith, T.M. 2013. Climate change: Corporate sustainability in the supply chain, Feature Article, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 69(3) 43–52.

2012 & Previous

Suh, K., Smith, T., Linhoff, M. 2012. Leveraging Socially Networked Mobile ICT Platforms for the Last-Mile Delivery Problem, Environmental Science & Technology 46(17): 9481-90.

Suh, K., Suh, S., Smith, T. 2011. Implications of corn prices on water footprints of bioethanol, Bioresource Technology 102 (7): 4747-4754.

Smith T. and M. Fischlein. 2010. Rival Private Governance Networks: Competing to define the rules of the game for environmental and social performance, Global Environmental Change 20 (3): 511–522.

Fischlein, M., Smith T.M. and Wilson, E. 2009. Carbon emissions and management scenarios for Consumer-owned utilities. Environmental Science and Policy 12 (7): 778-790.

Molina, S. and Smith, T. 2009. Exploring the use of LCA-based information in corporate communications, International Journal of Life-Cycle Assessment 14(2): 184-194.

Smith, T.M., Miller, K., Lindenberg, J. 2009. Sustainable Biofuel Standards and Certification. Swords and Ploughshares, Vol. XVII , No. 2: 26-31.

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