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Northstar Initiative for Sustainable Enterprise

Unlike other roundtable discussions addressing sustainability, NiSE complements face-to-face and web-based conversations with parallel, ongoing research. Our initiatives are developed collaboratively by practitioners and researchers, designed to develop cutting-edge methods and reflect the information and decision-making needs of key stakeholders. By bringing together the best resources from academia and practice to tackle persistent sustainability challenges, NiSE initiatives accelerate change toward new sustainable enterprise models.


FoodsCube Initiative

Working with practitioners and stakeholders, FoodsCube is developing decision support tools which will be accessible to a wide audience and scalable to incorporate spatial and temporal aspects of supply chains, linking upstream production and processing impacts to downstream product consumption.


Energy Demand Management

Demand response programs provide electricity users with an opportunity to reduce costs by changing their electricity consumption in response to changing prices. We are consulting and collaborating with MISO market operators and researchers at different institutions to improve our economic and environmental analyses.

Supply Chain Sustainability Initiative

The supply chain sustainability initiative is focused on developing decision support tools aimed at helping organizations more quickly and effectively reach their sustainability targets and objectives, specifically around reducing CO2e and water use in the supply chain.

Sustainable Bioeconomy Initiative

The bio-economy initiative is focused on the sustainable development of bio-refineries, which utilize renewable plant-based materials to produce bio-fuels, bio-chemicals and other types of bio-based products.



The Waste Not initiative finds opportunities to re-engineer food and other organic waste flows in Minnesota, closing the loop on production value streams.

NiSE is a program of the University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment.

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