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Most scientists focusing on sustainability systems are doing so at a scale that is less than relevant to private sector managers (i.e. rarely at a product, organizational, or value-chain level). Similarly, private enterprise, while quite effective at managing internal resources, often lack the capacity to systematically and effectively analyze and assess the external environmental and social performance of strategic choice. The understanding and capacity needed to find innovative solutions to satisfy human consumption needs, which are also sustainable across generations, is at best fragmented and incomplete.

The research initiatives supported by NiSE are co-created by consortia of business, NGO, government and academic leaders. Leveraging systems-based methods and tools, our work assesses current production and consumption impacts and how technological and institutional shifts might influence future performance.


Current NiSE initiatives address key facets of the production-consumption cycle: energy inputs of globalized production, supply-chain-based purchasing impacts and material cycling at the end of first use. Learn more


Explore discussion briefs, working paper abstracts, and published works related to NiSE research. Learn more

NiSE is a program of the University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment.

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