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The three factors describing a successful network form of organizing are: trust, demand for timeliness/speed, and knowledge/know-how. The NiSE Network embodies these attributes and seeks a diverse group of stakeholders who are  ready and willing to contribute to the forward momentum of sustainability. Our network embodies individuals with attitudes rooted in trust, who believe that we can do better now by adding their expertise to the pool of knowledge. Our network is comprised of individuals and organizations already on the path to sustainability who are driven to realize systemic change.

Academic Partners

Academic partners work with NiSE to add academic worth in the reasoning and application of the initiative. Our academic partners cross universities and encompass faculty from the University of  Minnesota to MIT, Bocconi, Aarhus, Boston University, Arizona State and more. Learn more

Advisory Board

Critical to the relevance of markets, policy, and governance, the Advisory Board for NiSE at the Institute on the Environment actively engages with the leadership of NiSE to help steer the strategic direction of its initiatives and ensure outcomes are relevant of the respective organizations. Meet the Board

Network Partners


Our network partners represent a diverse group of thinkers from a variety of organizations. Our Partners help shape the initiatives and bring vital expertise. Initiatives are the research and engagement which we believe will make a difference in the world and are focused on major sustainability issues. Meet the partners



Our partners are driven to collaborate. Become a NiSE Partner and make a differnce in sustainability and your organization. There are a variety of avenues for you to interact and share your expertise with others inside the University of Minnesota and through the NiSE Network world-wide. Join the Network

NiSE is a program of the University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment.

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