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NiSE facilitated cutting-edge seminars, webinars, symposia and summits that cut through the noise of the super-saturated sustainability arena to put a sharper point on sustainability thought and practice most likely to result in impactful solutions. Through these engagement efforts, we foster collaboration between network partners and sustainability leaders to draw key insights and ideas that help shape ongoing research initiatives.

Initiative inFocus Webinars

Initiative inFocus, a dialogue-oriented webinar of NiSE aiming to surface new challenges and opportunities requiring collaborative inquiry. Conversations from inFocus webinars will directly influence broader dialogue and research conducted at NiSE and partnering organizations. Learn more

Solutions Summit

NiSE convened a one day Solutions Summit meeting open to the public. Solutions Summit was more than just a forum for critical dialogue. This national event brought together experts from the corporate, government, academia, and the NGO worlds to discuss key sustainability issues relevant to the markets. Learn more

NiSE Network Meeting

Following the Solutions Summit, the NiSE Network Meeting is where network partners continued the conversation from the previous day, scoped issues and framed them as relevant research problems.  Co-creation and idea sharing pushed the research to new and relevant outcomes. Learn more

Other Events

Since our inaugural meeting in 2009, NiSE at the Institute on the Environment has continued to grow, evolve, and refine our mission. NiSE has emerged as a leader in collaborative sustainability research by hosting and participating in relevant events and meetings in Minnesota and around the world. Learn more

NiSE is a program of the University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment.

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