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NiSE at the Institute on the Environment

The NorthStar Initiative for Sustainable Enterprise (NiSE), a program at the Institute on the Environment, works with the private sector to understand and act on the sustainability challenges facing our world’s rapidly expanding economic systems.


NiSE develops “user-inspired” research and tools to inform sustainability decision-making within global production and consumption systems.  By engaging with practitioners early and often in the research process, the knowledge and tools we create hit the ground running. Learn more


Our team combines expertise in management, engineering, economics, and environmental sciences to address the complex interactions of environmental, social and economic performance across value chains. Learn more


We develop dynamic, spatial and life cycle analysis approaches to understand how product design, material sourcing and energy management decisions affect the sustainability performance of economic and business systems. Learn more


Learn about the ways in which NiSE has engaged with a broader community of partners and sustainability leaders here.

NiSE is a program of the University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment.

Welcome to the NiSE website! Check here for regular updates on events, meetings and information pertaining to our current work.

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